Meet Soldo

Why should I join Soldo?

Soldo is a spending account for the whole family, offering secure financial autonomy for everyone you care about.

What you see on the screen is what’s on the card, so you can say goodbye to ‘pending’ transactions muddying the water. Soldo restores clarity, granting you complete control over your money as it flows from your bank to the shops. You can use Soldo anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.

  • Join Soldo in as much time as it takes to boil a kettle. Download the free app, and your money is safely under your thumb
  • Use Soldo at over 30 million MasterCard outlets worldwide, and 1.5 million ATMs
  • Use the free app to load Soldo with cash from your debit card or bank account
  • Set spending limits so that everyone stays within budget
  • Check your balance in real-time
  • Keep track of everyone’s spending with instant notifications
  • Stay safe from fraud by locking and unlocking your card directly in the app
What does Soldo offer?

Soldo is a resourceful spending account. Soldo allows you to:

  • Make purchases online; pay for whatever you want in-store
  • Withdraw cash
  • Keep track of your spending with notifications and budgets
  • Set limits to manage yours or your family's spending
  • Switch cards on/off when needed to block fraudulent transactions
How is Soldo different from a credit card?

With Soldo, you only spend money that you have – right here, right now. Your balance is updated in real time, and we’ll never charge you interest on purchases. What’s on the screen is what’s on the card.

Instead of a credit card bill landing on your doorstep every month, you’ll have our simple app giving you crystal clear stats, instant notifications and the option to set budget limits, so that you never accidentally overspend.

Is Soldo like a debit card?

Soldo is like a debit card turbo-charged by the smartest financial technology. Unclouded by pending transactions, accidental overdrafts and unexpected fees, Soldo streamlines your spending, granting you complete control over your money.


Your Soldo card works like a chip and pin contactless debit card. You can use it for purchases (online and in-store) and withdrawals, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Who can join Soldo?

If you’re over 18, live in the UK or Italy, and have an Apple (iOS 8 and above) or Android (Android 4.4 and above), you’re 5 minutes away from opening a Soldo account. Additional cardholders need to be at least 8 years old.

Where can I use my Soldo cards?

You can use Soldo at over 30 million MasterCard® outlets worldwide, including 1.5 million cashpoints.

Can I use Soldo for my direct debits?

Not just yet, but we’re working on this feature and it will be available soon.

Joining Soldo

How do I join Soldo?

Join Soldo through the iOS or Android app on your smartphone. You can start the sign-up from our website, but you’ll need the app to be able to manage your account. Joining is quick and easy. Occasionally we’ll need further information, such as ID documents. Learn more here.

Does Soldo carry out credit checks?

No. With Soldo, you only use your own money, so we don’t need to carry out any credit checks when you join. Joining Soldo won’t affect your credit score.

Can I use Soldo without a smartphone?

You can access your Soldo account on iOS (8 and above) and Android (4.4.0 and above) devices (smartphone and tablet). There is currently no desktop computer version of Soldo. You’ll need the Soldo app in order to register for the Personal plan. If you’re using the Family plan, then only the main account holder needs the smartphone app.

When will I receive my Soldo MasterCard®?

You’ll receive your card within ten working days. When you join Soldo, we’ll ask you for your home address, and send your card (securely packaged) via Royal Mail First Class. As soon as you get it, you can activate it through the app. You’ll find your PIN in the app, so you can use your card immediately.

Using Soldo

How do I load Soldo?

You can load Soldo via debit card or bank transfer. Bank transfers are free, but can take longer to process than debit card deposits. Loading with a debit card is immediate, but attracts a small fee. Please check our complete list of fees in the Pricing page for more information.

Please note that bank transfers can only be accepted from a bank account registered in the name of the person that is the account holder of the Soldo account.

More information about loading can be found in the FAQ section.

How does Soldo help me keep track of my spending?

We’ll send you an instant notification every time you, or one of your users, does any of the following:

  • Buys something
  • Withdraws money
  • Transfers money to someone else’s wallet
  • Loads their own wallet

You can check everyone’s balances in real time, and view a crystal clear list of transactions, 24/7. Transactions are organised by date (week & month), and presented in a neat chart. You can set daily, weekly and monthly spending budgets, and even opt to have cards automatically blocked once these are reached.

What kind of restrictions can I set on my Soldo cards?

With a single tap, you can allow or prevent:

  • Online transactions
  • Cash withdrawals
  • Overseas transactions

You can also set a maximum transaction limit and opt to automatically lock cards after just one transaction.

Soldo Family

How do I load my child’s wallet?

You can transfer money from your wallet to your child’s for free in a few short taps on the app. Alternatively, you can load their wallet directly via bank transfer or debit card. Debit card deposits are instant; bank transfers take up to four days. See our pricing page for  information regarding the fees for debit card deposits.

Can my children use the Soldo app?

Any of your additional users, regardless of their age, can use the app to check their balance in real-time, view their transactions, and lock or unlock their cards for extra safety.

You’ll need to register all of your users’ mobile numbers in your Soldo account and they and they’ll need to have an Apple (iOS 8 and above) or Android (Android 4.4 and above) device in order to use the app

What if my children don't have smartphones?

They can still use Soldo! You’ll be managing their wallets and cards for them on your smartphone. You can even give them their own passcode, so they can learn how to use the app on your phone.

Safety & Security

How does Soldo keep my money safe?

Soldo won’t use or lend your money to anyone, ever. You retain exclusive control over your money and decide where to keep it, and where to spend it. What’s more, Soldo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority so you can always be sure that your money is safe.

How do spending limits and notifications keep my money safe?

Setting spending limits on your account make it easy to spot suspicious transactions. Notifications mean you’ll know the minute someone uses your card without your permission.

Who are Paysafe Financial Services?

Paysafe Financial Services are part of the Paysafe Group PLC, which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct electronic money service activities under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011. Please visit their website for more information.

How does Soldo protect my personal information?

Soldo will never share your information with anyone. Your personal information is just that – personal – and we’ll only ask for the very minimum that we need. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Got more questions?

Visit our full FAQ page or contact our Customer Care Team at