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Check your balance and expenses anytime, anywhere.

Get notifications about your spending in real time.

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iPhone Notification Soldo

Lock and unlock your card from the app.

Choose to allow online, abroad or cashpoint transactions.

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Use it worldwide, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.


Use it worldwide, anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Perfect for travelling


Zero commission on foreign currency exchange

MasterCard rates are applied with no additional fees.

Withdraw cash abroad for only £1*

From 1.5 million cash points worldwide.

*Soldo only applies the highlighted fees; however, there could still be fees applied by the withdrawal bank.

contactless debit card

Soldo is contactless

Just tap your card to any contactless card reader for transactions under £30.

Deposit via:

Deposit via bank transfer

Bank transfer

Deposit via debit card

Debit card

Requirements checklist

18+ Years Old,  UK Resident,  Smartphone User