Soldo: The Family Spending Account

Secure financial autonomy for everyone you care about

“There has to be a better way of managing the flow of money within a family.”

“There has to be a better way of managing the flow of money within a family.”

Soldo’s mission is to simplify your family’s spending. You finally have an easy way to control the day-to-day flow of money from your pocket to the people who depend on you, and out into the big wide world.

Banks (mostly) do a good, solid job of managing savings, investments and large regular payments. But we believe there’s something different about the money we spend day-to-day. Spending is in a financial class of its own, replete with its very own set challenges (and delights). Spending is fast and frequent; unpredictable, instant, mercurial. Spending can save your life (and your sanity), and it can be enormous fun.

When spending meets the modern household the challenges are amplified. How do you fund your family’s daily lives (and extraordinary adventures)? How do you maintain control, without your kids having to come to you every time they need to buy something? How do you give make sure your au pair, private staff or personal carer have enough money to buy essentials? How can you make sure your loved ones always have enough money to stay afloat? How can you stop them from overspending?

About us

Soldo was created by entrepreneurs and banking experts united by the search for a simple and effective way to manage the flow of money inside organizations of any size – businesses and families alike.

Soldo’s founder and CEO is Carlo Gualandri, an Italian technology entrepreneur whose innovative companies have broken new ground in the world of media (Virgilio), banking (Fineco), and gaming (Gioco Digitale).

Our offices in London and Rome are staffed by a talented and passionate team of experts from across the world. Their skills and inspiration are shaping the future of banking.